10 Tips for Keeping Your House Cool in the Texas Summer

July 12, 2018

10 Tips for Keeping Your House Cool in the Texas Summer

Summertime in Texas may as well be like you're on the surface of the sun! Well, maybe not that extreme, but it gets hot! Instead of cranking up the central air and raising your electricity bill, try these 10 tips for keeping your house cool!

Several academic studies have shown that hotter weather not only makes us uncomfortable, it can make us angry and frustrated. To keep a better mood and a calmer home, you should focus on keeping the air cooler inside. Keeping your house cool during the grueling Texas summer can mean more than just pumping it with AC.

Here are 7 ways you could be keeping your house cool this summer.

1. Repaint Sunny Rooms

If you have rooms that get a lot of direct sunlight, they can become extra warm in the summer if you have dark walls. Dark colors absorb light and heat in ways that lighter colors don't. If your walls are painted white, the sunlight will reflect off them better and keep from heating up your room.

While this might seem like a big job just to keep your house cool, if you've been considering repainting some of your rooms, this could be the motivation you need. Repainting your rooms a brighter color will also lower the need for lighting, which could help you to keep your rooms cooler in the evening.

2. Consider Drapes

While you might think that summer is when you want to take down your big thick drapes, think again. The sun coming through your windows can raise the temperature in your house several degrees. If you block it or absorb it closer to the window, the rest of your house will stay cool.

Thick drapes could keep the sun from overheating your home on those hottest days of the year. If you have drapes up during the winter, keep them up during the hottest days of the year. If you don't have drapes yet, summertime could be the best time to get a great deal on them.

3. Keep The Air Flowing With Fans

A fan is your best friend during the summer months. Some people travel everywhere with a little pocket fan when it gets warm out. A fan that catches a cool breeze can quickly cool down a house on a hot day.

Keep your windows open when possible, with a fan either blowing the hot air out or the cool air in. If you have a clean, finished basement, blow the cooler air from downstairs up into the main floor. If you're going to be spending time on the upper floors of your home, blow the air upstairs from a lower floor.

If you notice you get more wind from the back of your home toward the front, use your fans to create a wind tunnel. As air picks up speed through your house, it will remain cooler.

4. Use Your Gardening Skills

You can use nature to help keep your house cool during the hotter months in Texas. While it might be difficult to plant lush green trees like you could in the northern states, bushes, trees, and other plants can help to block direct sunlight that heats up your home.

There's a delicate balance between what could look good and what could plunge you into shadows. Talk to a friend or colleague who knows landscaping to see what they think. If you have the wherewithal, perhaps you could plant a tree on your own.

5. Change Your Bulbs

Hot bulbs can heat up your home, even if you need them to light things up at night. Thankfully there are options to light your home with bulbs that create less heat. Fluorescent, LED, and lower wattage bulbs will use less power and still give you the light that you need.

Changing your bulbs can make a big difference, not only in how warm it is, but how warm you feel. Being under bright lights when you're already uncomfortably warm will give you the perception of being hotter than you are.

6. Keep Appliances Off

Keeping appliances off during the hottest weather is a must. However, there are still some things that need to be done around the house. Finding alternatives is your best bet for dealing with balancing domestic tasks and keeping your house cool.

If you're doing laundry, you should consider hanging your laundry up to dry during the day. This will keep your energy costs down and keep you from having to use your dryer and filling your house with unnecessary heat. If you must use your dryer, put it on right before bed so that the heat will be gone by the morning.

If you're planning on making some pastries or some baked goods, consider alternate desserts. There are plenty of no-bake cake recipes that can give you just as good of a dessert without having to heat your home in the summer.

7. Think About Your Wardrobe

Lots of people have a different wardrobe for the summer. If you're like most everyone, you just grit your teeth and deal with the heat. However, you should consider going the route of buying a summer wardrobe.

Trade in heavier materials for garments of equal style and comfort, but that is more breathable. Lighter linens and thin cottons are great for warmer weather. While your home may not ever reach that ideal temperature you're looking for, at least you can make life easier on yourself with lighter clothing.

Consider a different hairstyle as well. Heavy hair that hangs down your back could be trapping in heat when you don't need it. Short is in this year, so why not try something drastic.

Keeping Your House Cool Is A Challenge

If you're worried about keeping your house cool, you should also keep an eye on the weather. If you're expecting a hotter day, you could save all of your most strenuous activities for another day of the week. Keeping your house cool is a must for comfort and productivity during the hottest days of the year.

If you want to cut your electricity bill down while you keep your home cool, follow our guide for tips.